The MainStore

Some things take time, but here now is the final re-built of ROQUAI's MainStore at the wonderful Sylpha (< taxi / LM).

If you happen to visit your 1st time, you might want to reduce your draw distance a bit as the landing point is set to the grounds and let me tell you, Sylpha is a rich and most beautiful decorated sim.
While you'll probably land outside at the entry, just follow the little path to the cottage you see on the picture.

The insides was designed to not only look nice, but to give the eye and yourself a little timeout as I know for myself, shopping can be quiet exhausting ;o)

Dig your toes into some grass, while you look through the available single poses. Scroll through the poses by the vendor sign. You'll find a selection of related available sets underneath on a 2nd vendor. If you cannot find their singles on the same pose-stand, you'll find them amongst the available sets, to which I will come in a moment ;o)

Psst! Did you know, these vendors offer an info button, when you touch the picture? It'll pass you the link of the relevant release note. Especially with the BENTO, I highly recommend to take advantage of it. The notes will help to understand and provide you with handy information.
On the 1st floor you'll find also the stand with the Demos of Newest Releases (which might be relocated to a different place soon!), Group-Gift, Gift-Cards, the Sale Offers and on the computer the sometimes needed terminals for Re-Delivery and the TopUp to recharge your Gift-Cards.

Go upstairs, if you look for Couples. The carpet laying out should be your choice to check out the available poses. Touch it again and a menu provides you with an easy-switch of seats. No more balls, no more hopping on/off.

Did you know, all ROQUAI couples come with copy/mod pose-balls and the singles?!
As there are plenty single poses available, some might be more interested in sets and there are also some exceptions, where poses get released as a set only or which have been available on the Marketplace only so far... If so and you're looking to try them out, ROQUAI now has a Demo and Set area behind the house. On the pose-stands, you'll find the poses as demos (no-buy, only try) and on the vendor aside, you can buy.

If you happen to be in the ROQUAI Group, wear your Group-Tag to receive reward points and a discount of 5%.

The sets are sorted by themes. Well, I tried to give it some sense and hope, it'll simplify and ease your experience at the shop. As it might happen, that you're searching for a demo which seems to be not available inworld, don't hesitate to shoot a message to me. Am often around and do receive offliners.
ROQUAI hopes, you'll enjoy your stay and that the new system finds approval among you. It is important to me, that you keep having fun and to make things as simple as possible.

Happy posing!
Yours lizard, ROQUAI

PS: Also find many and really beautiful shops neighbouring, like . AiShA. (take the path to the right), ARISE, Abstract Soul, E.V.E's 2nd shop (to the left & TP up) and more on the surrounding sims of the Ippos Collective.