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Those that follow on flickr already know, am quite busy in RL recently and for that my SL goes slowly. My apology, but I promise you'll all get something to play within the next two weeks.
ROQUAI (Enchantment pv)
As the spooky atmo is still around, the picture turned out like a late halloweenish piece. Hope you are not sick of those yet and bare with me ;o) Quickly, we move on to Joanna's featured outfit items as you can find all the other credits below.

We <3 Role Play just went into another round and AZOURY right along. The mask covering the eyes is on the picture only half visible. I really recommend to check out the link to it at the credits. It is a wonderful, bit SM modern like headwear called "Sorrow". It is available in red, blue, white and black and a totally cool look for RP in the BSDM or even high fashion and fantasy shots.
Moon Elixir goes for a round of Gachas as they release the Harvest Accessory at TFC. The collection has no rares and has the lovely price of 50L per play. The owl wears the mushroom as Joanna went for the rope and flowers. Still there are some more to win. All with neat little details and a great match for everyone's outfit.

The pose used, is a first out of theme preview for Enchantment. Stick around, if you want to find out more of ROQUAI's new pose collection.

AZOURY - Sorrow Headwear @ We <3 RP
Flower Circlet, Mushroom & Rope Necklace, Flower Crown @ TFC
:: PM :: Savage Headpiece
Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial - Underwater
Caboodle - Shen Sashes
Moon Elixir - Roguish - Bracelets

*:..Silvery K..:*Magical Gacha[Snow Owl]15 @ 2015/10 WAYWARD Halloween
LB_WhiteBirchCluster{Seasons} @ 2015/10 Shiny Shabby
= Antique Frame = MiSSi DisCounT =
Elysium - Odense industrial lamp - ice (w. light)
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt

TFC starting 2015/10/22 
We <3 RP starting 2015/11/04