#89 ROQUAI's Neverland

- 15th Nov. to 5th Dec. -

To never grow up or turn any older has been the wish for many. Now ENCHANTMENT turned to the stars and reveals the beauty of the Neverland. Learn about Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Tinkerbel, the Pirates and Mermaids as you find plenty of wonderful creations and explore the overwhelming build designed by Divine.

Of course ROQUAI would not be ROQUAI, if we would have missed to join the event with some new pose releases. Find 4 sets of poses at a special event price, with the small sets having each 4 static poses:
 ROQUAI's Neverland Peter 2-4
... is all about Peter Pan, the one boy, that is friend to the pixies and the annoying thread to the pirates. As he is always up for some adventures, this pose set is a summary of his fun character.
 ROQUAI's Neverland Tink 1-4
... is bringing sweet little fae Tink alife. She is the cute little fellow and guardian angel of Peter. Sometimes a bit tipsy with a brave heart, she flutters around Neverland spraying her magic dust to have the lost boys fly.
 ROQUAI's Neverland LostBoys 1-4
... is the gang of Peter and truly a bunch of boys that know how to keep a pirate busy. These four poses are all about their naughtyness.

If you're more up for the whole collection, then you might be happy to hear, that there again is a All-In-One set available at the event, which will save you also more than a linden during the event ;o)
You might have heard already, there is a HUNT with over 38 items to be found. Go get yourself a HUD at the pirate bay at Neverland and solve the little riddles to also win the final trophy, which is a collectible figure. ROQUAI's Hunt Gift also completes the Peter series ;o)
ROQUAI's Neverland Hunt Gift

All sets come without the seen items, but some you'll find at Enchantment and or for even free on the MP. For further detailed credits, please read on below ;o)


- Peter -
Loki Avatar - Bigbro 1.1*, *Dura* VALENTINE G-GIFT 2015, Peter Pan Set // LOKI Avatar

- Tink -
NO.MATCH_NO.STORY. @ Enchantment, AZOURY - Helmet pony tail (White) - Rare & Necklace (White) @ The Epiphany, Moon Elixir - Provincial Outfit Bralette & Shorts & the Wheat Jewelry Collection Arm & Braclet Cuff, Choker, [NC] - Tinkerbell's Crown, *COCO*_Doll_InsectWings, *LODE* Head Accessory - Melle Single [violet] & Melle [sunshine], iTalez ~ Eve.Hoove [ .Peach. ] [ S. & S2. ], [ keke ] star cluster, {anc} nebra beads [sungold] pole

- LostBoys -
Loki: Avatar - Bigbro 1.1*, Dirty urchin Tattoos  x 4, Legs & Feet V3 - MUDDY, Timerascal Bakerboy with Goggles, Flatcap, Skippers Cap, V4 Jacket, Shorts
TodleeDoo: MADesigns HAIR ~ REBEL ~ Dark Brown, {s.o} boys patchwork 'fit // blue grey & joggers // green blue

Enchantment: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock, *Figment* Tink's Cage, Cube Republic Giant Gunnera Delivery Crate V3
Giant Snails, .S&S. Box Fort Battles - Mud Sack Slingshot, Pirate Weapons, SPD Cannon, LB_MysticTree{withGrass} (modded stump tex), {anc} mist cloud [sungold], ( Hound INC ) Realistic Mushrooms, *UI* Flowers

ENCHANTMENT 2015/11/15 - 12/05

RELEASE 2015/12/14 on MP!
Lostboys | Peter | Tink