This Picture Of Natural Blues Has Extreme Ways

. This Picture Of Natural Blues Has Extreme Ways .
- feat. Moon Elixir, -DRD-, AZOURY & friends -
 ROQUAI unborn (Wicked 7)
-DRD- is by now known for their dark creations and for the last Arcade, the team created another big set, the "Mystic Bastion" (w/ castle) and some great inventory to decorate it with. The statues are one of my favorites of the collection as they are all low in Li and nicely done. The Arcade might be over by now, but am pretty sure you'll find the gacha in the mainstore ;o)
 ROQUAI full moon (La Lune Et Les Etoiles)
The girls from Moon Elixir are back from their holidays! At the Epiphany you'll find their new fashion line called "Serpentine" (gacha). The collection has several pieces, consisting out of boots, coat/jacket, gloves, skirt and a bustier. Also available is a dress in the same style as an exclusive for the event. Hop over, try your luck! There are two rares to win! LM is below in the credits :o)
ROQUAI full moon (La Lune Et Les Etoiles)
The AZOURYs seem to have skipped their vacations... Lately we'll find a couple of releases for feet, heads and bones. On the pictures you'll see 3: the LuQus Headwear (3 colors), the Nude Backpack (2 colors) and the Loola Shoe (5 colors). All are available at different events, so better get your sneakers on ;o) Again LMs are to be found below.

AZOURY - LuQus Headwear (Cream) 1 @ On9
.LeLutka. - Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3
Zaara - Sarika feather earrings (default/lelutka) R *fire*
Enfant Terrible - Emma`s Halo Teardrop [WLRP xmas gift]
Moon Elixir - Serpentine: 18 - Maitreya - Onyx Gloves, 1 - Bustier RARE, 2 - Skirt RARE @ The Epiphany
AZOURY - Loola Shoe - White @ Cosmopolitan
AZOURY - Nude Backpack Nougat @ SaNaRae

-DRD- Mystic Bastion: 6.DRD MB gargoyle swordkeeper tint 1, 6.DRD MB gargoyle bowdown tint 1, 6.DRD MB gargoyle  scream tint 1, 19.DRD MB metalframe - setmefree, 19.DRD MB metalframe broken art 2, 19.DRD MB metalframe -thedescent, 20.DRD MB gargoyle shieldguard tint 2, 25.DRD MB knight decor, 26.DRD MB old sofa, 36.DRD MB dining cart @ The Arcade
-DRD- Scaffolds @ 6th republic
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Neverland Clock
{anc} - flottante puppy. milk & mist clouds

SaNaRae 2015/12/25 - 2016/01/18
On9 2016/01/9 - 28th
Cosmopolitan 2016/01/17 - 30th
The Epiphany 2016/01/12 - 02/12
6th republic 2015/11
The Arcade 2015/12