Bleach Like The Dawn

. Bleach Like The Dawn .
- feat. DRD, Moon Elixir, [keke], Cherry house & friends -
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The DRD crew continues showing their soft side and created a just w o n d e r f u l looking place to hang out and get excited about, the "evening romance". It is available in 3 color choices and of course it has a PG and adult version.

[keke] meanwhile made another beautiful flower release, the "wild lilies galore". Kelly thought of different colors, so you can go pick up a whole bunch of the feminine blossoms.

Romance everywhere... and Cherry house thought kindly of the elders. The "Rocking chair" is as well available in more than one color and quiet a cute accessoire to decorate any grannies home or cosy romantic place.

Closer we gonna look now ...
ROQUAI Pam breeze @ MP (Demo IW)

The outfit of Jo is a combination of pieces out of the 3 latest releases by Moon Elixir. All have their own little magic touch and do offer a range of options to change their look. Curious to see the rest of the outfits? Then follow the links provided below :o)

*TKW* Irena (hair)
Moon Elixir - Cast Away - Bra @ TSS
Moon Elixir - Crystal Heart - Maitreya - Panties @ CHF
Moon Elixir - Draego - Boots @ WLRP

-DRD- evening romance @ IT
[ keke ] wild lilies galore - big - blush & leaves - big @ TF
Cherry house-{{C.H}}- Rocking chair -wathet & lilac colour @ C4
*katat0nik* Death's Head - Moth Swarm
{anc} forget. Swallow [sugerwhite]
{anc} happyendpark.pennant garland. air.B(sheer)
LB_MysticTree{withGrass} (modded)
{anc} ripple. oil .for light space (modded)

The Forest 2016/7
Chapter Four 2016/7/4th - 24th
Indie Teepee 2016/7/8 - 24th
The Season Story 2016/7/10th - 30th
We <3 RP 2016/7/5th - 31st
Crystal Heart Festival 2016/6/30th - 7/28th