Beautiful Thing Wir Roses

. Beautiful Thing, Wir Roses .
- feat. [keke], Azoury, Cherry House, DRD & E.V.E -

You like flowers? Of course! Everyone does! Thanks to [keke] and E.V.E, we go pay a tribute to the queen of all, the rose.

Note: We'll concentrate on latest releases & un-blogged of the designers.
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A wonderful coincidence happened, when Kelly and Noke made their releases for The Crossroads and Chapter Four.

In the past, [keke] by Kelly has proven a green thumb and proves now again with the "fall roses" Gacha, that there shall be no doubt. The beautiful flower comes in different colours put in a simple glass vase. The cool thing is, you could even use the flowers only as the arrangement is copy and modify.

Noke, meanwhile, leads further into "Dystopia – Chapter 2". Her truly stunningly ("Chained Roses") blossoms with their transparent soft touch, are not only beautiful to look at but are so well textured, that even the BUGs can't stand a chance. Have a look at her flickr group and find wonderful inspiring examples of what you can do being an artist or decorator. Also have a look at her 2nd latest release, the "Splashing Droplets", of which I've used the particle parts of it in thought of creating some motion flare to the picture. Grab two colours in one pack during the Chapter Four. They are totally awesome!
Beautiful Thing
ROQUAI levitation @ MP & IW

Lets turn heads towards some little details added onto the composition.
Leafkoala (Cherry House) might not be the most famous designer, yet, but that girl does some really sweet home decor. The "ceramic doves" are part of her "knickknack" set, a beautiful romantic like collection for the homes.

AZOURY goes into The Forest and brings with the "Oilosse Necklace" for the head. The silver headpiece might look simple on first sight, but on second shows a wonderful texture. Because of the long elvish ears, I had to take off the chains at its side, so make sure to hit the link below to check out the complete piece.
ROQUAI's moon 3 @ MP

E.V.E Dream Mask {Red Blood} CROWN (GG)
.:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN 2 * /blonde
AZOURY - Oilosse Necklace for Head @ TF
E.V.E Venus in Me Outfit {Black}
E.V.E ETHEREAL Mermaid Suit Black Chrome

Cherry house-{{C.H}}-knickknack: 2.Ceramic dove @ BOD
[ keke ] fall roses @ C4
E.V.E Dancing Splashing Droplets Milk @ C4
20.DRD MM2 Pile of chairs 2 @ TA
{anc} forget. Swallow [nightblue]

- 2016/08 & 09 -