#134 Shepherd Nostalgica

Shepherd Nostalgica (bento)

- Pose Fair 2017, April 14th till 28th -

The lovers and friends of couple poses will find the "Shepherd Nostalgica" as another exclusive release for the Pose Fair in 2017. It follows the water theme, although they have the bento wings activated to give you more room to play.

The story behind this pose is my visual interpretation of the song "Lilac Sky" by Saby O'. Yes, I tend to get emotional sometimes ^^

1 couple float

Hands, Wings

Designers Choice
Maitreya v4.0
::: B@R ::: B-Wings

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Credits on Pics

. AVATAR Boy .
E.V.E Venus in Me Outfit {Blue} She / He @ store
//Naberius// Spinal Tap
::: B@R ::: White B-Wings

. AVATAR Girl .
.:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN 5 * blonde-pack - long
Zibska Tasi [Lelutka] PowderPack @ store ?
E.V.E Venus Nori Algae (decor modded & worn as outfit) @ store
[CX] Spiked Gladiator - Black ( Maitreya ) @ store
::: B@R ::: Spiritual B-Wings

E.V.E {Poison} "Army of Me" Ink Flowers Poison Ink @ TSS
{anc} feather chips, bubbles, mist clouds

. EVENT / LINKS 2017/04 .
Pose Fair 2017
The Seasons Story
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I do hope you'll enjoy playing with these and will share
your pictures with the ROQUAI's Flickr Group :o)


At the PoseFair will be a 10% Sale on the "Water for Her" series
GroupMembers will get a 20% Discount on the Exclusives,
so take you ROQUAI tag with you ;o)