Nuvole Blanche

. Nuvole Blanche .
- feat. AZOURY, Moon Elixir -

I don't know about your place, but where I live it got chilly in the past days. Still am trying to not get carried away by thoughts of winter.

"Nuvole Blanche", un petite fée avec la unicorn. 
The pose is you see is still unreleased. No searching needed and we shall rather continue with the featured items ;o) - GEN-Neutral goes into a new round today and Moon Elixir designed some sweet wheat jewels for us. It's natural and filigrane look is really beautiful and I cannot call up that a similar jewel has been created before. Of course I could be totally wrong, but I think we got something new here. It comes in different colours and pieces with no HUD this time. You'll find the TP within the credits. - A couple of days ago also AZOURY made another release called Excess Jewelry, available at On9 for those that like to save a few lindens. The french jewelry comes as a two piece set in 5 colours. Again Mayhem and Aniki present their talent in creating an item for more than one occasion. - If you're interested to learn about the other items, please see the credits below the headshot :o)
ROQUAI rain 1a
*LODE* Head Accessory - Melle Single [violet] & Melle [sunshine]
[V/W] Fantastical Crowns - 01 RARE: Sea Princess Tiara R01
::Axix:: Wukong Mask [Bronze]
AZOURY - Excess Jewelry:
Earring - Fuschia & Necklace - Midnight @ On9
Moon Elixir - Wheat Jewelry Collection:
Arm & Braclet Cuff - Gold, Choker - Silver @ GEN-Neutral
ALEGRIA - Lich Shoulders Gold & Top Black (NT)
Moon Elixir - Vampy Corset Bodysuit: Panties
.Enfant Terrible. Verelis Staff Gold
iTalez~ Eve.Hoove
[ keke ] star cluster

Culprit UniQrn StarryStarry BabyQrn (Gacha) | -Hanaya- Cottage Hummingbird | LB_MysticTree{withGrass} (GG) | {anc} mist cloud [sungold]

1st pic: unreleased pose
2nd pic: rain 1a

On9 2015/10/09 - 28th
GEN-Neutral 2015/10/12 - 26th