I share... Strength | Halloween Contest 2

A bit late, due some technical issues...

I Share... continues, 2nd Round
- feat. AZOURY & Moon Elixir -
ROQUAI heart 2

For The Gathering, Azoury came up with an gothic accessory, the Serenissima Earring, which is the coffin you see on the presented pictures. It is a gacha, coming in different colours to win. Not visible is the anchor hanger they are attached to. One of the rather uncommon but wicked jewels and a great eye-catcher for the upcoming halloween parties.   
ROQUAI heart 3

Am a bit late in presenting,... Moon Elixir made this neat Tassel and Raven Skull Necklace for GEN-Neutral. Also a great match for the -DRD- amazon headwear, which I was blogging a couple weeks ago. The necklace is not rigged, so you can easily adjust its position, if desired. It also comes with a HUD to change textures.
For We <3 RP, both designer labels once more put great effort into their releases. The french bring the Misha Helmet, a reminder of the vikings? I love its steampunk like look. The youngsters among the designers, Moon Elixir, reach out to the province, though their creations seem far beyond. The top and shorts are 2 of a 3 piece outfit. All pieces are thought through well. Each has its own HUD to change the textures and there is a good hand full options to get a complete different look.
ROQUAI ursula 5

Poses on picture one and two give a preview of the 2 new poses of the Halloween Set 2015 and open the 2nd round of the "I share..." Contest of Roquai.
They stand for the stubbornness that overcomes one, if pride and perhaps also fear holds us back to reach out for help in dark times.

In the battles we fight,
We overcome the luring darkness
With the strength to share
The fears we bear.

The poses can be collected at the pose store IW at a small price for a limited time.


AZOURY - Misha Helmet @ We <3 RP
Moon Elixir - Provincial Outfit @ We <3 RP
Moon Elixir - Tassel and Raven Skull Necklace @ GEN-Neutral
Zibska ~ Killian
[The Forge] Plaid Bracers (Brown)
::: B@R ::: Black Swan Harpy Wings

AZOURY - Serenissima Earring @ The Gathering
Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Bat - Grey
Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Platane Plane MX2-4 v1-3 T5 Gift
{anc} nebra beads & mist cloud [sungold]

The Heart 2 & 3, release: 6th Oct. 2015
Ursula 5 (group pose the little mermaid)

The Gathering 2015/10/01 - 14th
We <3 RP 2015/10/04 - 31st
GEN-Neutral 2015/09/12 - 26th