#107 Crimson's Watch & Hare

. Crimson's Watch & Hare .
- feat. E.V.E, {anc} & PoseFair'16 -

Ooooooh, those dang gachas, right!? Arcade is open and we go crazy with the tele'-button. You've prolly seen already a few shots with those cute clumsy chickens and a truly amazing looking merry-go-round gazebo, no? Those items are part of a wonder- and playful collection by Aki {anc}, called "happy end park". Thou' am not an official blogger of {anc}, am a huge fan of his work, which does not only stand for highest quality, but who always is thoughtful while creating. I like to call him, "the storyteller amongst the creators". As one thing leads to another and back, the inspiration for my photo scenes come with the stories told by an item, the mood I am in and the music I am listening to. As I challenge myself to not edit shots, I do not only fiddle for couple of hours till am pleased sometimes, but it is also important to work with items, that allow me flexibility and can be used in more than one way.
 ROQUAI crim kneel 1 (mirror pose) @ PoseFair'16

The branches ("Ivy Trees") surrounding the recent scenes are brought to us by E.V.E and are one of the items am really happy to have crossed my path. You'll see them more around for sure. They come in 8 different colors to The Gathering (soon!) and one is placed out as a group-gift at the E.V.E mainstore. Did you know that Noke is one of the LEA artists, too? One could have guessed by looking at her creations, i.e. the "alien drone" you see in the back on the next picture. Ok, I've to say, when I started building the scene around the poses, the "Crimson's..." are all featuring the upcoming Pose Fair release, I kept bouncing back and forth between two moods. 
ROQUAI crim squat 1 @ PoseFair'16

The accessories and cute animals made it possible to easily switch. By the way, the little "Sleeping Baby Chipmunk" (1st pic) goes as an attachment and speaks to you. It was a great companion at the time :o) The "Big Rabbits" come without any extras, but are not less cute, so thank you Pink Acid and [MALO] ❤︎  

pic#1: .:EMO-tions:.* CERSEI *
=Zenith=off shoulder shirt with belt (Milk)
BentBox Sylvan Ears

pic#1: Pink Acid Sleeping Baby Chipmunk Snow*
{anc} happy end park: merry-go-round gazebo RARE, lawn carpet, color little chick (bleach, tomato, natural), pennant garland (sheer) @ TA
[MALO] Big Rabbit - Rolled up & Belly
*LODE* Accessory - Blossoms [single peony] (Gift)
E.V.E {MOD} Ivy Tree [M02-No leaves] @ TG
pic#2: E.V.E ROBOTIC WARS - The Alien Drone (Rust)
pic#2: *ionic* Las casitas (mobile)
pic#2: - Kalopsia - Rocket - Yellow

The Gathering 2016/ ???
The Arcade 2016/03
PoseFair'16 2016/03/12 - 26th