Girls Just Want To Have Fun

. Girls Just Want To Have Fun .
- feat. Moon Elixir & DREAMS Gacha Fair -

In for the game and the 1st DREAMS Gacha Fair are a whole bunch of creators. What I do like about the event is, that there are also many new and not so known but well talented ones. I took a sneak peek at the sim yesterday and you may expect a wonderful dreamy designed sim. No, the picture below was not shot there ;o)
 flickr view!
ROQUAI star counter (m)

On board of this ride are NAMINOKE, BLACK HOUSE, LGL, 00 & [Since1975].
Not all the designers have uploaded their gacha keys yet, so stick around and have an eye on the website of DREAMS.

Really cute I find the "Animalcule" earrings by [Since1975]. Jo helds one resized in her hands and has an original sized one in her left earhole. The gacha is not all about cats, but has more than one fun animal to collect.

Taiko (*NAMINOKE*) basically invited with her item to make an action scene. The little "KODEMARI" flowers on hands and head come in two different sets and got versions with petals and without.

Romantic we continue with the -00- "Ophelia" Gacha (pic: dress), the LGL "Songbirds Bandana" and the "Nightingale Crown" by Moon Elixir. Though last is a release at TFC, which also has a cute dress.

To close the circle, the round "Wishy Glasses" with the bow are to be found at the Black House booth at DREAMS. Let's hope Jo will not loose those on her wild ride ;o)

*LODE* Head Accessory - Persian Buttercup [cotton candy]
Moon Elixir - Nightingale - Crown @ TFC
+elua+ Noela_Ombre Basic [unrigged]
BLACK HAUS - Wishy Glasses Black w/ 2 Bow Black RARE @ DGF
LGL Songbirds - (Floral/rose) Bandana /unrigged & resize @ DGF
-00-Ophelia_LightDress @ DGF
[Since1975]-Animalcule Silvy Cat R (in hand) & L @ DGF

ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Cap'n Oink the Piglet
HIDEKI - Ferris Wheel Decor
Hideki - Rocking Horse
{anc} happyendpark. Teacup ride (white) 7Li RARE
19/{anc} happy end park. pennant garland (sheer)
Plethora - Counting Clouds (fine)
*alirium* ItchyGrass [Brown]

The Fantasy Collective 2016/3/22 - 4/15th
DREAMS Gacha Fair 2016/4/6 - 28th