. Annabel .
- feat. TLC, [keke], Zibska, Cherry House & DRD -

The days of summer wrap us with the warmth breath of the sun, here comes a refreshment ;o) You might have seen similar water shots by be within my past (post)releases and I thought it would be time for another. - Yes, I do love watershootings :o) 
For 'Annabel' I've had the pleasure to work with some of the finest late releases by my sponsors ...
 flickr view
ROQUAI boxer g1 @ MP (different sets / demos IW)

The architectural parts are DRD's "Pergola". It comes with some wicker furnitures, lovely decorated, and a couple of different buckets. On first sight the set might look simple, but a closer look reveals the love DRD has put into everything. There are different sets available. (Note: The tapered wall in the back is not included.) Some more have been added out from the "Gardenhouse" release. A really, really sweet rustic romantic looking cabin with lots of decoration tributing the cosy hearted.

As we move on to the details, look around, there is much to be seen.
E.g. out of [keke]'s latest "Sahara" set, find the beautiful "cat figure" and two of the "rifle cases". The decoration truly shows Kelly's talent in minimalistic but great work.

From the dead to the living. You might have noticed the wildlife already, as still as it seems to be. 
- Yes, I am also a big big fan of turtles! - TLC is still one of the youngest wildlife creators, but their collection of animals grows continuously. The animals are all low in Li and scripted perfectly for simbuilders. The birds are part of a complete "bird bath scenery", making a lovely match for yards or parks or scenes with little resting places.

Oh dare me! I almost forgot, so freshly new she is to me, but am happy to support Leafkoala. Her shop is the Cherry House and she has a big variety in her imagination. I think, to have met her first at DREAMS Event. As time intensive ADs can be, designers tend to keep them often simple. So one has to actually GO and SEE, how beautiful a simple looking build can be. Am now pointing out to the "Crystal Floor Lamp". It is part of a set with a hanging version. It comes in 3 colors and has a light switch included. Beautiful, isn't it?!? :o)

I've caught again myself using the same make-up as in last post by Zibska. It just happens to me that within the first shoot I explore and then fall for another idea. 
"Shazi & Sing" appliers are a great example of a shading I personally really like. 
- Sorry, Zib! I juss' feel bad to have it already put aside ❤︎ -

.:EMO-tions:. * MARINA *
[CX] Pierced Septum (Silver) - SLB13 Gift
*LODE* Head Accessory - Zoya [white]
::GB::Wet Dress 2016-/ Maitreya & Pants

TLC - bird bath scenery with animated birds (White Dove, Eurasion Jay) @ CP
DRD - Pergola (wicker treebasket, sidetable & relaxingchair 2, buckets) @ TSS
[ keke ] Sahara (bastet cat figure, rifle case table - wood & green) @ Uber
Cherry house - Crystal Light (Floor lamp-ivory) @ P7
DRD - Gardenhouse (hanging fowerpot & wallplates)

Project 7 2016/6/28th - 7/30th
Uber 2016/6/25th - 7/23rd
The Shiny Shabby 2016/6/20th - 7/15th
Cosmopolitain 2016/6/20th -7/2nd