#121 Fall Of Ikarus

. Fall of Ikarus .
- feat. Zibska, Astralia & friends -

One thing often leads to another and so it is with these 3 new poses about the 'Fall of Ikarus'. The inspiration for my poses has many different origins and also sometimes by requests. This threesome was brought to me by my team of artists and bloggers. Which I find a nice match in story-telling, if you think of the last release, the 'SUN'.
ROQUAI's Fall of Ikarus 1-3 @ MainStore

I think, everyone knows about Ikarus and his affection of the sun and it's bitter sweet end..? If not, you'll find his story linked within these lines.
Divisions (pv 1/3)
And what an happy incident, some of the latest releases, spread over the grid's events, match so beautifully, like the Belle Epoque "{ Gaia }" sheers, the soft weeping "wildgrass" by {anc} or the "FluffyFlutterFriend" by LOVELY ALIEN.
Monocraft (pv 2/3)
A HUGE THANKS goes to ASTRALIA! When I stumbled upon a flickr post about her Gacha Garden release, I immediately knew, her RARE wings are the perfect match for the poses. The complete outfit is quiet astonishing, but to me it was the wings and their unique shape, that had me right away. The pictures hopefully give you a good preview, how they softly curl and the best is, they come with a color-HUD and can be changed in size AND position. The high details of each piece within the collection, makes the gacha play totally worth it's price of 75L$.
Luchtoorn (pv 3/3)
The make-up "Arlie" and "Billie" by ZIBSKA, come in a wonderful metallic like look. I hope, I can manage soon to make a close-up and deliver an update on this post, but atm my RL is so very busy, it even makes it hard to do anything, sadly. Zib's imagination of shades seems endless, as she varies with each release. Go check out her latest at UBER and do not miss to stop by at the Hair Fair, for the latest hair-dos of hers. A wonderful invite to go vogue and jesses, I'd hate my freaking busy RL these days, I'd so await some more free-time to get things on the screeny!

The "Fall Of Ikarus 1-3" can be found at the MainStore with an Opening SALE price for a limited time between the 2nd and 9th of August, before they will be send to the MP on the regular price. Demos are up in the demo pose-stand. As usual, they come with a fitting shape. It is a female one, but am pretty sure, they will work for the boys as good as for the girls or might need a small change in the arm length.

Save falling and soft landing, LUV' R.

[sYs] BIRDY Hair - Sygne
Zibska ~ Arlie Eyemakeup* & Billie Lips* @ U
Astralia - Wisdom angel wings RARE & bracelets @ GG
Belle Epoque { Gaia } White (Sheer)
E.V.E ETHEREAL Pearls & branches {Gold Jewelry Set II} - Stars {Gold}

FluffyFlutterFriend-Sunny, Rain, Mint & White_RARE
{ anc } forget. wing leafs clear
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {green mix} / SCREW

Uber 2016/7/25th - 8/23rd
Gacha Garden 2016/8/1st - 31st