#120 Sun

. SUN .
- feat. AZOURY, E.V.E, Zibska & [keke] -

After 'Moon' and 'Star' comes now the 'Sun'!
 flickr view
ROQUAI's Sun 1-3 @ MP | IW

Each might have their own vision and thoughts and many interpretations do fit, I've picked the cheerful, the caring and the watching. I've not tried it yet, but these might make a nice couple match with some of the other two series of the collection.

For the limited time of one week, this set will be available IW for a SALE price (20 - 27 July).
After, it'll be up only available on the MP with the Demos IW. 
In the Morning (pv 1/2)
ROQUAI's sun 1 (ground-sit)
... for which Jo got into the poite feet. Those you'll need for the fancy looking ballerinas by AZOURY. The shoes come in different colors and each set offers about 3 different versions (socks, blood, mono). Although the pose itself can be worn with any kind of feet.
 Also by AZOURY are the steampunk accessoires (glasses, strap). Again different color options are available, so as 2 versions, one w. a resizer and another scripted.
Sunrise (pv 2/2)
ROQUAI's sun 2 (stand)
New arrivals from E.V.E are the pearls, you'll see at ankles and waving around Jo.
These are part of the greater beautiful jewelry set "ETHEREAL". I suggest you really check the link at the credits, to learn more about it!
The "Leta" necklace is one of Zibska's shiny creations. A wonderful piece with a color HUD, so you can change the gems and metal to your likes.
Noble Heart  (pv 3/2)
ROQUAI's sun 3 (ground-sit)
The gloomy bubbles on strips are the mobile of the "lumisphere" set by [keke]. I've blogged about the bubbles before and there are still a few days left for a visit at the event to take a closer look.
Same goes for the lips by Zibska.

I hope you'll enjoy this small set of poses and will share your work with the flickr group of ROQUAI.
Shiny posing!

AZOURY - Japet Magnifying Glass&Strap [White] @ MOM
pic#1&2: Zibska ~ Chooli Lips @ TLC
pic#3: Zibska ~ Flore Lips 
Zibska ~ Leta Necklace @ TSA
Moon Elixir - Lush Gloves
E.V.E - ETHEREAL Pearls & branches {Gold Jewelry Set II} @ TSA
AZOURY - Maniaque Ballet Shoes @ WLRP

[ keke ] lumispheres @ CH

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