Break Me Gently

. Silence, Break Me Gently .
- feat. Zibska, AZOURY, [CX], {aii}, Moon Elixir, NAMINOKE, [CX], [ keke ] -

CerberusXing just recently opened their blogger application and *wtf*, Jo and Roquai got both in. Not sure for how long I'll be able to keep up with both, but for now we shall not worry and enjoy some pretty neat creations on both.

Psst! This post turned out being mainly for boys. The next cares for the girls ;o)
ROQUAI star counter (La lune et les etoiles) & ROQUAI crim infinity f (Crimson) @ MP & IW
ROQUAI's Crimson.GroundCover.Night & .Rush @ ??? (soon to be released)

Up in March and for some you might need to hurry, we got a great great great old garden house and lots of different asian lamps to go for. Then of course we dipped Roquai into the color palette and thank goodness, he doesn't has to run around in the same ol' pants and shoes anymore.
And who said, boys may not go a bit kinky? There are some really nice unisex accessoires out and after all, SPRING is COMING!

. HIM . 
*N* Mouth Pierce(bento) pnk @ WLRP
{aii} + Shii Geta & Stockings + @ KP
Zibska Galie & Saria @ SF'17
Zibska Cale @ SOS
Peqe - Gorget Collar 
[CX] Dynasty Florette @ SM
[CX] Kinky Cobra (nipple piercing) @ WCF 7

ROQUAI's Crimson.GroundCover.Night & .Rush @ ??? soon
[CX] Chinese Lantern 2017 v1.2 @ store
*N* SAKURA KIRIKO Lantern Gacha Wood Rare @ SM
[ keke ] rug 43 . delicate @ store
[ keke ] old garden greenhouse @ D(c)
HPMD* Colored Bush

. EVENTS / LINKS 03/2017 .

And for those that cannot wait...
. HER . 
Zibska Galie & Saria @ SF'17
Anachron Geisha Shimada Hair - Diversity
[CX] Dynasty Florette @ SM
Moon Elixir Boudoir @ MBA