Weekend Carnival

. Weekend Carnival .
- feat. Zibska -

Guess what: R. got humanised! Well at least to show for shots and to contribute to the boys world.
Find the body details within the ABOUT ;o)
ROQUAI sink (4 Elements: Water@ MP & IW

Zibska Mired @ U
Zibska Folia Lips @ WLRP
Zibska Springaling @ TLC
[Deadwool] Lahood pants

To wear the makeup, don't miss to grab the extra OMEGA relay to apply them!
Save 50% as you buy it IW.

. EVENT / LINKS 02 & 03/2017 .

PS: A big TY to all the male bloggers out there. Without your posts, this would have been a complete exhausting trip for the start. Am happy to join the pool now & to share my findings.