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- feat. AZOURY - 

... is a preview about a new pose set to come.
A few words about the picture before I get to the credits...

The muzzles we wear, 
the burdens we carry, 
the marks we have, 
our love we share.

If we log in these days, the screen welcomes us with an invite to a music marathon, a charity event for cancer by Stand Up For Cancer. You can find out more about it as you follow this LINK.
I believe, that every 2nd person has someone he or she knows, that fights for her or his health.
A couple of days ago, myself got the unexpected message, that one of my oldest friends has been diagnosed. Unexpected, as we have just seen and it was not him telling me, but my mom.
ROQUAI heart 1

I cannot blame him and if we be honest to ourselves, how often do we actually tell others anything anymore? Is it for the words, we cannot seem to find? Is it for the protection to keep loved ones safe? Or the hope, that we wake from a dream? The answer, we know.

"The Heart" will be a set of poses, that will cope with some of the conflicts. As well it shall be at the end my contribution to this year's Halloween. Every week till Halloween, (a) new pose(s) will be released. As a dark theme it is, we shall add some fun:

1st Get the starter pose Sept. 24th for a small amount of 3L$* at the store IW.
2nd Take a picture with it, showing YOUR "conflict" version, 1 ENTRY.
3rd Post it to the Flickr Group till the 30th. Make sure it has your SL-name clearly stated somewhere and that the title begins with "I share...". You can also send it (Full Perm for Flickr upload) to ROQUAI Resident within a notecard, that's named "I share - <SL-NAME>".
- Editing is allowed -

Within every entry following the rules, each round the top 5 shall be selected and get the next pose for free! I hope you'll like the idea and that many will participate :o)

* Group-Members watch notices at the 24th! *

The words we shall find,
The love we shall share,
The eyes we shall rise,
our life, We decide.


AZOURY - Insidious Mask @ MOM
Gaja x Bod Vitiligo Pattern 2
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Human Heart

{anc} mist cloud [sungold]
Human Heart

Men Only Monthly 2015/9/20 - 10/15


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