#102 Crimson's Infinity

. Crimson's Infinity .
- feat. Pose Fair 2016 -

In March it is time again for the fairs of all pose lovers! Am so excited, that I feel like giving you another sneaky preview of what my release will be about.
 see on flickr
ROQUAI's crim infinity (mirror pose) @ PoseFair'16

Yesh, you see right! There will be a couple pose :o) I hope you like it?!
It is called "Infinity" and of course there will be shapes coming along, so you'll have a perfectly united setup. Aside with the poses come also the bushes seen. I shall talk about them in another post ;o)
Watch for further notices to find out more about the "Crimson-Collection"!

❤︎ With special thanks to Funky Banana, who assisted me in being my dance partner for the shot ❤︎

. AVATAR . Joanna .
**Dura-Boy**17 (Mocha)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Mesh Bra & Panties
(Milk Motion) transparent jumpsuit
REIGN.- Ballarina Warmers (M)- Flat- GRAY

. AVATAR . Funky .
#TMP (BETA) Head(m) - Soft (Deluxe)
=PVQ= Master Baiter Tee (shirt)
Silk Dreams Gift for Men - Mesh Sports Pants (HG)

ROQUAI's Crim.Bush.1-6.coal (GACHA) @ PoseFair'16
{anc} mist cloud [sungold]

PoseFair'16 2016/03/12 - 26th