#106 Crimson's Drive

. Crimson's Drive .
- feat. [ keke ], -DRD- & PoseFair'16 -

March the 1st, the Arcade opens! DRD brings to us a new city collection of which I've used the fabulous bus (plenty to explore), the traffic lights and one of the street parts. All items are quiet low in Li, so go for it, if you've planned your own town!
ROQUAI Crim 1 (mirror pose) @ PoseFair'16

The flowers are by sweet [ keke ] and can be purchased at recent round of SaNaRae. They come in different color sets. "Growing" in a circle, those delicious pretty little plants, make a great herald of spring.
ROQUAI Crim 2M (mirror pose) @ PoseFair'16

Both poses are a new preview for the Pose Fair 2016 release. The "mirror pose" states, that there will be a matching mirror pose available of it, too. 

You want to know what else will be released at the fair? Go back to post #101 and read up! Do not forget to stay tuned as more will be coming ;o)

pic#1: .:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN 5*/lightblonde
pic#2: .:EMO-tions:. * NOISE*/naturals
+Half-Deer+ Innocence and Purity Necklace - Love @ Enchantment
-Pixicat- Dreamy.Dress - Cosmic

[ keke ] flower circle - white & blue @ SNR
-DRD- STeele CitY: 24. Metro Bus, 21. Street Scene street lights, 22. street straight entrance 4 @ TA
7/{anc} picnic. swallow tailed butterfly [andalusite]
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt

ENCHANTMENT 2016/02/29 last call!!
SaNaRae 2016/02/25 - 03/18th
The Arcade 2016/03
PoseFair'16 2016/03/12 - 26th