#98 Harpy's Journey

. Harpy's Journey .
- feat. Enchantment -
ROQUAI unicorn 12 @ Enchantment

As we speak of unicorns, we shall remember that there are more than one kind of creatures and myths. The Cove has thought wise as they created the "Narwhal Family", the unicorns of the sea. They come as pets, so you can swim along with them. Beautiful, isn't it!? And as we continue thinking, we do also remember, there have been tales of winged unis. "The Harpy" is a sweet sexy collection of the winged warrior with several pieces for your dolly by Storybook. Else on the picture is the "canoe" by Ravenghost. It is scripted with some fun goodies, check it out! ;o)
Interested in getting to know the other accessoires? Read on ... ^_^

Doe: Amalthea (solid) (hair) @ Enchantment
LALA Moon Mesh - Valeria [ Silver ] (hair)
::una:: Unicorn Parts White- Horse Ears & Horn @ Enchantment
.ARISE. Unicorn Eyes / Fire @ Enchantment
Zibska ~ Sorvin Orbit
.Shi : REDEFINE Mask
[CX] Wicked Beast's Septum @ Enchantment
Bauhaus Movement - Vanleen Snow NECK / WHITE Resize
Sweet Lies - Kilin Outfit Gacha - Bracelet Silver - Sweet Lies Original 3 COMMON @ Enchantment
.Shi : TreeofLife - Creepers Top [SizeM . Rigged]
Caboodle - Shen Sash V2 - Fatpack - Large
Storybook - Harpy - Ankle & Wrist Guards, Panty & Wings - Black @ Enchantment
.AiShA. Armor Unicorn Legs Silver/White @ Enchantment
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Amalthea} tail w-black @ Enchantment

Ravenghost Medieval Canoe V1.1 @ Enchantment
*The Cove* Narwhal Family @ Enchantment
{anc} mist cloud [sungold]

Enchantment 2016/02/13 - 29th