#115 Thumbelina

. Thumbelina .

May 14th was the day when the storytelling of the little girl born in a flower / nutshell (depending on the time it was published) has begun. Yes, ENCHANTMENT is back and invites the visitor into the wonderful tale of "Thumbelina". Once again many designers are contributing with their endless creativity, presenting decoration, fashion and more. Of course, I would have dared myself, if I would have missed to pass my own vision.

As a late release, ROQUAI goes with the flowers, but look and see, errr read on to find out all about it!
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ROQUAI's Thumbelina's Flower AIO @ MP 

Available since this weekend now, is "Thumbelina's Flower" for two avis to sit, in three colors (EDIT: MP white, pink, red) of choice. It's size is to suit the rather normal sized avi; my apologies to the petites and micros. The flower itself is mesh and has 6 Li. Due the poses, 5 in count, it is no mod and copy only. Materials are enabled, so for some greater effects, you might wanna switch to higher graphic settings.

While the event goes, you'll find the flowers -25% the regular price and the AIO (all 3 colors) for the price of two. Of course, all poses are included as single poses, too. By the pose menu, you'll find also the matching shape given (full perm).
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You enjoy hunts? Perfect! Go look for the Enchantment book at the stores. Not all, but still a number participate in the hunt. To complete ROQUAI's flowers for Thumbelina, grab the hud, which you'll also find at the store or entry of the event and solve the little riddles given to you. The single flower (mesh, 3 Li), comes with a pose and shape in the color red. Okay.. the red is more like a dark pink, but most important, you'll enjoy the prize ^_^

HUNT HINT "As the story unveils, a toad full of eager, takes our Thumbelina, to a journey unexpected. In all the rush, what she had no time for?"

If you have collected all, go make wonderful pictures, show your creativity and your Thumbelina, send it in to the Lost Unicorn Gallery as you follow the instructions given, to enter this round photo-contest. Great prizes are given!
The Lost Unicorn Gallery presents Enchantment's Thumbelina Photo Contest!
Within the following posts, you'll get a closer look and will find the credits on the items used for the AD-shots. Don't miss them ;o)

'Nuff the bubbles! Happy hunting and shopping and shooting and and and..... I am absolutely eager to see your work, too. Feel welcome to share with my flickr group :o)


Enchantment 2016/5/14 - 31st