#117 Moon

. MOON .
- feat. {Pose Lover} & Azoury -

This is the 2nd release at the little pose event, {Pose Lover} in June. I promised to make some poses for the boys and here we are...
 flickr view
ROQUAI's Moon 1-3 @ MP
"ROQUAI's Moon" is based on the mysterious face, some cultures call "the man in the moon". I had to think about, what his doings and longings could be and came up with the series you now see.

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (1/3 pv)
ROQUAI moon 1 (easy leaning)
The 3 poses come copy only and have a matching full permission shape included.
Spiegel im Spiegel - Mirror in Mirror (2/3 pv)
ROQUAI moon 2 (lay like an embryo)
Above features one of AZOURY's latest creations. One is the "Insanity Headwear". If you're a fan of skulls and horns, check it out and watch for it's release!
Below shows parts (earring) of the "Nameless Jewels", also by the frenchies. A great match to all coral, bony and flower/plant outfits. You'll find it at the Secret Affair (ends May 31st!).
Creation Keeps the Devil Away (3/3 pv)
ROQUAI moon 3 (handstand for stairs?)

The bone tail is brought to us by [CX], who do some pretty cool stuff for the "underworld".

Hope you'll share your amazing pictures! Am eager to see :o)

{Pose Lover} 2016/5/31st - 6/14th
Secret Affair 2016/5/15th - 31st