The Messenger Of God

. The Messenger Of God .
- feat. DRD, Azoury, Zibska & friends -

Happy Birthday WLRP!
 flickr view

Yes, you see right! DRD is a huge fan of GoT and challenged themselves with the making of the "iron throne" (book version). It turned out being a awesome made build and is definitely a must have for all lovers of the series and RP on the grid. The throne is about 27 in Li, mesh (ofc) and holds many animations. The pose seen is not one of them but one of ROQUAI's earlier releases of the element series. Make yourself an iron king as you stop by at WLRP (-25%) and take a closer look at the provided demo available at DRD's mainstore. (Links in credits!)

Surrounded is the iron by the "sacred lotus" from [keke]. Am a big fan and collector of all kinds of sea blossoms and must give a big thumb up to these. They come in 4 soft shaded colors, have leaves only and a blossom version w. fallen petals included. Really great i find the very low Li of 1. Lost & Found is the place you'll need to stop by for these. (Links in credits!)

Let's now take a closer look at Jo's appearance...

ROQUAI little mer 5 (singles IW)

Some time ago and I know am a bit late on some, we have also some great new releases by AZOURY, Zibska and Moon Elixir. (All links in credits!)

The headwear, reminding me of some sea animal (forgot it's name, doh!) is part of Zibska's "Helmine" outfit. The hat offers a great range to experiment, which is what I really enjoy within Zib's creations. Artsy and inviting to a play :o) Also by her are and available at the WLRP, the jewelery w. the oriental filigrane touch at mouth and lurking underneath Jo's rope. The "Carlisle Adorment" (mouth) is actually worn underneath the eyes, but since they are not seen here, I took advantage and used it as some kind of chin piercing. The necklace is seen only for little, while it's main part decorates the chest majestically.

The occular is called "Angel Oeillere", a beautiful steampunk accessory by AZOURY. They included one for each eye to wear, so you could even make a cool binocular out of it. Available at WLRP it is in several colors. Make sure to check it out as it's details are fabulous to work with on close-ups.

By Moon Elixir, I finally found a chance to show the "Candy Dress", which had it's release a little while ago. The neat thing about it is the included alpha layer in the HUD. You can for that relax and easily free or cover your delicious parts like chest, butt and belly. I think, it should be now available at their mainstore ;o)

Zibska - Helmine
AZOURY - Angel Oeillere Left [Blue] @ WLRP
Zibska ~ Sable (lips)
Zaara : Sarika feather earrings *azure*
*SL* Kilin Bracelet Silver - Sweet Lies Original 3 COMMON 
[The Forge] Gypsy Bangles Bronze
Moon Elixir - Candy Dress @ Mainstore
RO - Azrael Bone Wings
[CX] Bone Tail v1.2 (Tintable)
Storybook - Harpy - Ankle Guards

DRD Iron throne @ WLRP
[ keke ] sacred lotus @ L&F
::Static:: Flutterby - 11 & 15 Common
*:..Silvery K..:*Magical Gacha[Crow]16 RARE
Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Bat - Grey
Blackbirds Circling
CC Thermal Vents
16/{anc} happy end park. pennant garland (gold)
{anc} bubbles . ground field
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] flat

We <3 RP 2016/04/05 -31st
Lost & Found 2016/05