. N'to .
- feat. AZOURY, DRD, Zibska, Moon Elixir & .AiShA. -

For the Arcade and more AZOURY, DRD, Zibska, Moon Elixir & .AiShA. have put together great new creations in fashion. Some already have been released, so you'll might like to stop by in the stores, which you'll find within my "Collabor/Support" section above or else go for a search.
 flickr view
For above pic, I did a bit of photoshopping, but the wired like face on the right is actually the "Attawa Mask" by AZOURY for TA in June '16. To achieve the holographic star look, I added beams and blends as seen ;o) Depending on the angle looked at, the face changes from a feminine to male. You can win it in white and black as you play.

The outfit is a mix out of many different designers... Pardon me, I only will point out the latest releases, but you'll find everything else in the credits below :o) 
N'to's Trauma
ROQUAI moon 1 @ {Pose Lover}

At the FGC we got parts of the "DEVA" Gacha by .AiShA. It is another of Amanda's great looking armour outfits and Moon Elixir's "Coven" Gacha, who are checking out the fetish.

Meanwhile, Zibska sends greetings from the ocean with a the new outfit "Gong" and of course it is not missing out on the artificial parts. To me the skirt was a reminder of a kraken and made a great match to my fantasy styling.  You'll find it at TAE.

The pose is another example of the now available "Moon" series at {P.L}. Sometimes simple looking, poses can vary a lot within the context put in. For my shots, I often turn them up-side-down, a lay becomes a stand, a lean a run and more. I'll hope you'll enjoy the new series and will have much fun adding a bit of ROQUAI to your works <3 

AZOURY - flowered beard [Grey] @ MO
.AiShA. - Deva Gacha (Necklace, Shoulders, Boots Silver) @ FGC
Zibska - Gong Skirt @ TAE
Moon Elixir - Coven (Shorts & Ruffles, Shirt, Arm Wraps) @ FGC
DRD - Post apocalyptic nerd googles
Pure Poison - Mhedusa Headdress
[sYs] - ZAKIEL helmet

AZOURY - Attawa Mask [White] RARE @ TA
Skye Windswept Tree Type 1 No Base

Men Only 2016/5/20th - 7/15th
{Pose Lover} 2016/5/31st - 14th
The Arcade 2016/6/1st - 7/1st
The Achromatic Event 2016/5 - 6/??
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 2016/6/7th - 7/7th