Bento FAQ

2017 will definitely be the year where everyone on the grid will explore the new possibilities Bento has to offer. ROQUAI is joining the club and will bring your limbs in form.
You want to influence on which bento releases the poses will be made for? Take a minute or two and join the poll here :o)

What will the Pose animate?

Each Release posing a bento limb shows one or more of the icons you see on the picture above.

Monkey = Hands (red) | Bird = Wings (blue) | Furry = Tail (purple)

E.g. If the pose picture shows the bird and monkey, it means that your bento hands and wings will be animated by the pose (static).

Try before Buy

It is highly recommended to always try the provided demo in the store before you buy. Due the different models of available bento limbs, no guarantee can be given, that the pose will look the same on different creators. Read also the release note of the pose. It will give you detailed information about the bento creator it was made for and or even tested with.

Each release comes with a info notecard (NC). It is recommended to read it! Aside the release note, it may contain helpful information how the shape should be altered to achieve a proper look of the pose.

Depending on your mesh body / limbs and shape a pose changes. The given numbers in the NC are to be taken as a guide.


Even ROQUAI poses are set with the highest animation priority, it could happen that the pose will not kick in or might look broken. Check:
  1. Is a HUD activated for your wings or tail? Disable it.
  2. Do your wings / tail have an animation trigger inside? Try to stop it, even manually.
  3. Is a skeleton & animation reset needed? Right click avatar > Reset > Skeleton & Animation.
  4. All above is not helping? Contact ROQUAI :o)


A refund can not be given, when:
  • The poses are COPY and cannot be returned.
  • The store offers a demo inworld. Take advantage of it :o)
A refund will be given, when:
  • You accidentally bought a pose twice for yourself and it is COPY.