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The Stores

A list of my wonderful sponsors and some of my favourite designers in secondlife.
If you like my work & would love to see yours promoted by me, send me a notecard IW;
Girls: Joanna Corith | Boys: Roquai.

was a wonderful store for great decor of all kinds with a spoon full of imagination.
HP | flickrMP | IW || Official Blogger in 2015

is one of a kind. Magical decorative items with a wide range for homes and gardens, but also within the wildlife. The surreal realistic style with handmade textures never fail the eye and Li-counters.
HPflickr | MP | IW

brings the RL to SL. With their much detailed fashion for heads and feet, the 3D artists have made themselves a name. Mainly steampunk, avant-garde and casual.
HP | flickr | MP | IW || Official Blogger since 2015

aii (The Ugly & Beautiful)
could be perhaps described as the bright nightmare sprung out of a futuristic manga, which tells a different story within each chapter. Find fantasy, delicately combined with goth and myths.
HP | flickr | MP | IW || Official Blogger since 2017

is themed medieval fantasy. Find for Her fantasy makeups, fashion and decor. The store is constantly growing and one can never be too sure, what might be released next.
HPflickr | MP | IW || Official Blogger since 2016

You're a fan of the dark? Then this store should be on your address list. Following the original modern eccentric style, you'll get some pretty awesome accessories (boys/girls) and furniture here. 
HP | flickr | MP | IW || Official Blogger since 2017

{{C.H}} (Cherry house)
is a cute small home & garden shop, with well designed items. Stop by and pay a visit, you will not regret.
HPflickr | MP | IW || Blog Support since 2016

DRD Store 
DRD (Death Row Design)
truly honors its name. If you like dark, spooky atmospheres, this is your store. Here you'll find pretty much everything that is related to the darker side.
HP | flickr | MP | IW || Official Blogger 2015 - 2016

 Friends of E.V.E
is like a tribute to the artist, but not only! Get inspired as the designer goes chapter by chapter telling another dream. 
HPflickr | MP | IW - NEW LM! || Collaboration, Official Blogger since 2016

He La
He La
goes fashion, but also has a little growing section for decoration. Her style is classy without being too common.
HP | flickr | MP | IW || Collaboration

I blog for [ keke ] :o)
[ keke ]
is one delightful little store for home and garden lovers. Find minimalistic, sometimes more modern well created decor collections.
HPflickr | MP | IW || Official Blogger since 2016

 Fave Store
Medieval Fantasy
offers a great range of well made wildlife statues and other themed decor.
HP | flickrMP | IW

Moon Elixir
Moon Elixir
will bring you lots of cloths for Her. No matter if you are a role-player, a classy woman or if you are in a playful mood. Mainly for maitreya, the store goes by outfit releases, that can be well mix-matched with one and another and often plenty of variations managed by HUDs.
HP | flickr | MP | IW || Official Blogger since 2015

takes care of the asian spirit. Next to cute traditional asian fashion, one will find some great fun exploring mystical animals and more.
HPflickr | MP | IW || Collaboration, Official Blogger since 2016
 Friends of TLC
T | L | C (True & Lautlos Creations)
should be on your shopping list, if you are planing to upgrade your land with wildlife. The animals are low in Li and scripts and while being sound animated, they will for sure bring a true touch of the countryside to you.
HPflickr | MP | IW  || Official Blogger 2015 - 2017

 Photographer for Zibska
is one of THE makeup artists in secondlife. Find here all kinds of styles for eyes and lips. The special about this store is, it also offers makeup for Him, artsy hairstyles, jewellery and fashion. Appliers: Lelutka, Catwa & Omega.
 HPflickr | MP | IW || Official Photographer since 2016