Everything but Common
Artsy and Creative Poses

Loving the art, I came up with the idea to create an address for second life artists such as photographers, bloggers and designers, who like to work with anything but the standard. 

Along with Joanna Corith, I do also blog for girls & boys. For that and thanks to my collabor partners & friends, the looks and decoration on my posts are mostly full sponsored. If you like my work & would love to see yours promoted by me, send me a notecard IW; Girls: Joanna Corith | Boys: Roquai.

The pictures I upload are mostly RAW-Shots.

Regularly in use are...

HER body:
Maitreya Lara Body, HEADS by Lelutka (bento) & Genesis, MD Lashes, HANDS by TUTY (bento), BentBox Sylvan Ears, COCO* dolls
HIS body:

Fave items to achieve atmosphere are {anc} mist clouds (almost in all pictures) & additional extra lights. E.V.E has also a pretty awesome collection to add mists & sparks.
If ankles, hands and such need a correction in position (they sometimes do while using i.e. tiptoes), am using the KWM Body Fix r4b HUD.

While having no clue where this will lead to, I do hope you will enjoy and share my work meanwhile. 

If you have an idea in mind, don't be shy. Best, you already have a picture and or brief description on hand you can send to me IW or to roquai[at]gmx[dot]de .

Creative Greetings