Blogger Team


... is a mix of creative people, that have committed themselves in supporting others, like me, within their artistically work in second life ...

1491 aka Noah Wright (blogger)
One true passion for styling characters and the luxurious things has Noah. On his blog The Chaotic Elite, one stays up-to-date with the glamorous side of secondlife. His pictures are a mixture of the contemporary art and the en vogue and definitely a catch for the eye.

Dlehi Lykin aka Ralphie (blogger)
"Yeah I’m just another face in a crowded room of SL Fashion Bloggers…" is how Ralphie introduces himself on his blog Sugar on Snails, but there is more about him than turning into an oldie blogger. Aside the credits, find a short story to read by Dehrynn Shepherd within each post and of course there are then his pictures.

Foxelektra (blogger)
A skin and hair lover is Foxelektra, but she also has a passion for photography and blogging, which she does since 2013. Her style follows the line of the beauties in SL. Am happy to have her on my team.

Jukke aka Adramelach (artist)
There is Adra, who started off doing photo compositions in Photoshop about 2 years ago. Quickly he found his way, connecting one interest with another. Visit his blog or follow him on flickr and see the wonderful work he does. Am delighted to have him in my team and to give my support.
Pssst! You can also book him as your photographer :o)  
Hayael Bracula aka Haya/Yaya (artist)
Haya is often out exploring and lets not go of the chance to expand her picture archive with another fun creative shot. Say "Hello!" to her, if you cross her path, but dare not "to poo on her boots" ;o)

Latgola aka Irina (blogger)
... Is definitely living on the bright side. Her blog and pictures are mostly light and even a darker themed one will still make you smile. But go ahead and just make your own opinion!

Jinx (artist)
Meet the colourful world of Jinx and I mean colourful by any means. The little man has an amazing range of imagination and does not hesitate, if an adventure calls. Curious? Check him out on flickr, leave a comment or two and see the world through the eyes of this teen. I'm most happy to share my works with him!

Kai Wirsing (blogger)
Kai is a master, if it comes to stagebuilding and editing within the high-end picture process. His themes vary between realism and fantasy, while his eye aims the details. Take a look yourself! He has a blog and you can become a fan of his on flickr

Leana (artist)
You like stories told by pictures and you are a fan of the surrealism? Well then, listen up! Leana "tells" (almost daily) a new one. The doll is her main character, which's life is full of mystery and wonder. Get attached as you start at one and fall in love with the little girl she turns into, like I did, when I first crossed her stream.

Melinda Solano (blogger)
... is one among the younger bloggers on the team. Her style varies with the things she blogs about, which leads to a nice colourful profile to flickr through.

Milena Inaka (blogger)
Milena has been blogging for 4 years by now. Her pictures deal with the daily life, but also can become pretty artistic. On La Otra Puerta (engl. The other Door), you'll find a amazing long lists of sponsors, which speak for her passion and the great variety of different items.

Molly Angst (artist)
An artist and blogger of the many fields is Molly. With the opportunities given, she puts things in place and comes up with a different style for each. Find inspiration and send out stars while exploring her flickr and hunt down her credential work here. With no regrets.
Proph aka burningprophets (artist)
While the photography is a very important creative outlet for Proph, he looks forward to what he can achieve as an artist. His portfolio reaches from places to portraits, often bringing the two together for a tango. 

Rainbow Mubble (blogger)
Once upon a time... Rainbow is an artist within the bloggers, who has found her style, but still keeps surprising her followers. Her wide ranged fantasy in documenting the world, by now surely is one library of its own. Am honoured to call her one of my bloggers not for the 1st time.

Rosemaery Lorefield (blogger)
If you like colours and the work of an expressionist living in a surreal world, then the stream of Rosemaery should be added to your list, but make also sure to visit her blog, The Royal Bohemian as on it, you'll find even more pictures to look at.

Taleah McMahon (blogger)
The life of a young woman could be told by Taleah. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes adventurous, ... Her pictures seem a bit like a past memory. With me for more than a year, it's been a great journey with more to come.

Tamzin Xigalia (blogger)
An escape plan has been made by Tamzin, who travels as a fae, a fighter or even sometimes as a wild worrier. One can tell, her heart definitely lies by the fantasy and RP world. Tamzin's flickr is full of dreamy places and great outfits of which, amongst more images, one can find the information here. A wonderful refreshing treat.

Tiany (artist)
Not all bloggers are up for pictures only, but enjoy sharing their creativity on multiple levels. Tiany is a great example for that, as she is not only artistic, but the owner of Urban Street, too. Stay up-to-date on her and other releases by tuning in here.

Will Corrigan (blogger)
Great places and a (kind of) "storyboard for the pocket", you'll get with Will. His pictures follow a line within the editorial work of post-processing, but stay exclusive to the places they were shot. I am delighted to have another boy on board with him.