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#139 Heretic's Play

. Heretic's Play .                              1&2 for HIM - feat. [CX], E.V.E, Azoury & Zibska -
ViP Release-Sale 23rd - 30th June 2017

Often I get inspired by the releases of others and find myself creating a related pose or two. The "Heretic's Play" are based on the [CX] Heretic's Toy, a bloody necklace with tattoo. This dark themed accessoire made me somehow think of the old plays of Shakespeare and Monty Python's Life of Brian. Don't ask me why my brain makes such mashups, but this is what turned out and I hope you'll like it!

ROQUAI's Heretic's Play for HIM 1&2
Poses 1 kneel, 1 ground-arch
Bento Hands & Wings
Designers Choice TMP Male Body Vista TMP Bento Hands ::: B@R ::: White B-Wings
ROQUAI heretics play 1m (bento)
ROQUAI heretics play 2m (bento)
Further Information As bento poses can be delicate in displaying, you might need to alter your shape.
A numbers guide is provided within the included notecard.
DEMO & poses @ Store
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