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ROQUAI is running on the CasperVend system, which offers a wide range of pretty cool features to the customers. Find redelivery, rewards and gift cards among the option to send a gift to someone else. But how does it work?

The Loyalty Program

Sales, Discounts and Loyalty Rewards

Discounts in General
  • Only the largest discount (if there are multiple applicable discounts) will apply in any given transaction.
  • Once you reach a certain amount spent in the store, only money that's paid in a purchase will count towards that spend amount. 
"Person A" spends L$1,000 or more, only money they've actually paid will count towards that L$1,000 spend point. Anything used on a gift card, and any purchases someone ELSE (say, "Person B") makes to gift to "Person A" will not count to "Person A"'s spend limit.

Discount for Group & Group Gift
  • The Group Tag Must Be Worn to receive the discount.
  • You pay the full price, and then get a refund.
  • Same applies to the Group Gift.
Group Discounts vs. Loyalty Rewards
  • Group discounts are separate from loyalty rewards.
  • Only what you actually pay counts towards the various loyalty reward options.
  • When you make a purchase on Marketplace, your purchase "spend" only counts towards the accumulation of spend-level discounts.
  • Marketplace purchases do not accumulate store credit/cash back like inworld purchases do.
  • Loyalty discounts will refund automatically when they happen
  • They are not saved for later use.
Credit (Store Credit)
  • Store credit is NOT refunded UNTIL you buy something.
  • Only an amount up to the value of the purchase is refunded. The rest remains "on the account" for future use.

How To Check Loyalty Program Levels

  1. Click any vendor
  2. Choose "discounts" from the popup menu
  3. You will be presented with another popup that gives the following information:
  • Total amount spent so far (or total points gained so far) 
  • Current cash-back discount level, if any
  • How much you need to spend for the next loyalty tier
  • What your loyalty level will be at the next tier, if set
  • Existing credit balance you have, if any

Gift Cards

The Gift Card works just like a store card in real life - You can use it to buy things at the store.
It is transfer and can be passed on e.g. as a Gift to a friend!

There are 4 kinds of pre-charged cards available for purchase inworld:
RIVER - 100L$ (blue) | VALLEY - 250L$ (green) | MOUNTAIN - 500L$ (lilac) | SUN - 1000L$ (gold)
How To Shop With A Gift Card At The Store?
  1. Wear the Gift Card, so that it appears on your screen as a HUD (bottom right)
  2. Touch the Vendor to get the menu. The product appears on your Gift Card.
  3. Buy the product directly with the card by clicking the "Buy Now" button on it.
  4. A message in the Nearby Chat will speak to you.
  5. The product is send to your inventory and your card be charged the price.

Gift Card Balance (Topup Terminal)Whoever currently has the gift card will need to:
  1. Wear the Gift Card (so that it appears on your HUD)
  2. Pay (L$) the terminal to increase your gift card balance
If you are not wearing the gift card, then after about a minute you will get a "Your topup failed. Please wear your gift card!" message. If it fails, it will refund the money.

Gift Card Limitations
  • Gift Cards only work in the shop, for the products, of the merchant who made the card.
  • You cannot use multiple Gift Cards on the same purchase.
  • The Gift Card itself doesn't recognise group discounts, unless, and until money is paid over and above the amount on the card - and then the discount is calculated only on the money that is actually paid, not on the whole product price
  • Gift Cards may be set to a single product, or they may be set to a L$ balance.
Debit Permissions
There is one occasion where the Gift Card will ask you for debit permissions: When the amount on the card doesn't cover the cost of the product the customer is purchasing.

You will get a popup box telling you WHY it is requesting the perms, before the debit window comes up.
This information popup must be acknowledged by you before the debit permissions window will come up.

The Gift Card will ask for debit permissions EACH time the card is used, whenever the purchase price exceeds the balance on the card.

Gifts, Giftboxes & Wishlist

When you buy a gift, you can either send it directly or save it for later. A menu will guide you through the process once you chose GIFT by the vendor (detailed description).

Did You know, You can also add a personal message along with Your gift purchase!

It's up to You to make a wish? The "Wishlist" button allows You to add a selected product to a wishlist and to share it with family friends via facebook, twitter or a direct link.


Who Can Redeliver Products and How?

The redelivery system has the unique feature of allowing global redelivery. What this means is that any customer may use ANY merchant redelivery terminal (or the "redeliver" popup menu option via the vendor) to redeliver a copiable product from ANY other merchant.

The person who received the product is the one who is able to claim redelivery, if it is marked copy on the website.

If a customer was gifted a copiable item, but for SL reasons it never arrived, that customer may claim redelivery without having to track down the person who sent it to them.