A Broken Reality

. A Broken Reality .
- feat. AZOURY, [keke], Zibska & Fantasy Fair -

Last and final call for a few events! Yesh, time passes by just that fast.
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ROQUAI's Pamakhala bow 2 (Boy) @ FF'16

Fantasy Fair closes at the 1st, so if you want to make sure to have saved some precious lindens on the "Pamakhala" poses, it is your weekend to spare time and hop over to Echtra. Also at the FF you'll find some beautiful "Magnolia" (tree & flower decor) by Air.

Azoury goes "Circus Ballet" for SaNaRae in April/May. I am so very thankful they've created the pointe (for sLink pointe) as it seemed hopeless to find some decent looking men could wear, too. - A few of my last poses have the high pointy feet and these ballerinas are a great match to my style. - The shoe is available in several colors and don't they look yummy!?!

Zibska at We <3 RP, made a two piece vanitas themed flower accessoire named "Roos". You might wanna zoom in the pic to get a better peek as dark as they are and or have a look at the provided link in the credits to get a better view ;o)
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[keke] is totally going for spring within her last releases. More flowers, now it is the sweet little "Crocus" for Lost&Found. One needs to hurry on these as well, the event also closes the 1st of May.

Lets go for a chicken run and gather those "scattered" items!

[sYs] BIRDY Hair - Raven
BentBox Sylvan Ears
Zibska - Roos Circlet & Shoulders @ WLRP
RO - Azrael Bone Wings
*MUKA* Claire
TMP: The Boutique / Men > Harem Sweatpant
AZOURY - Circus Ballet Shoes for SLink Poite @ SNR

11/{anc} happy end park. color little chick (natural)
{anc} cracked glass (crystal)
[ keke ] crocus (all colors) @ L&F
Soy. Covered books with vinyl & chair with vinyl [wood]
Air_Magnolia @ FF'16
{anc} mist cloud flat & nebra beads [sungold]

Fantasy Fair: Echtra 2016/4/21 - 5/1st
We <3 RP 2016/4/4 - 30th
SaNaRae 2016/4/25 - 5/18th
Lost & Found 2016/4/22 - 5/1st