The Dryad - Wake Your Soul

. The Dryad - Wake Your Soul .
- feat. Fantasy Fair & many others -

Yesh, Fantasy Fair once more it is and who can blame the blogger heart as there are just so many great releases that should get our attention.
ROQUAI tree (Element Series: Earth)

.AiSha. in example made this really great "Dryad Dress". I must point to the fabulous bottom of it, which has been designed as roots. Amanda thought great to close also the inner and I can only imagine the hours of work she must have put into. The dress comes also with some leafy accessoires for arms and neck and a matching mask (not seen on pictures).

The greater headpieces are by LOVE & so is the deer. I stubbled upon her many moons ago and she never disappoints neither in designs nor quality. I mixed two and added some more by other designers, like the white flowers by NAMINOKE and an update release by Zibska, the rosy circlet "Aisling Deux".
The Dryad (2/2)
By Zibska is also of course the stylish makeup. "Shir" (eyes, more artistic) and "Sable" (lips), both come as appliers and are to be found at The 100 Block. But one better hurry as the round is in its last days.

Last but not least, we got a surprising release. So far we've known Aki only for animals, cute and fun, delicious decoration or similar releases, but as far as I can remember, there has never been something else for the gardens but grass/flowers, no!? The wonderful trees used might remind one of the great oaks by HMPD or Alirium, but nope lemme tell you these are made by {anc}. I remember a conversation we had some months ago, where he said something like: "Trees are like the master class of design." I certainly do no 3d, but from my landscaping times I do remember (and it's still) very very difficult to find really good trees. - Perhaps, I shall do a single post sometimes just about trees, what do you think? ^o^ - But I keep drifting away. Back to the "SAKURAtree"... As it is stated, the trees are 5-7 in Li, but their impact shrinks a bit when made smaller. They come in several colors in single sets and in two fatpacks (w. HUD). What I really like about them and it follows the style of Aki's designs, they got the magical touch, but still keep their realism to the true nature. Last is also one reason, why am such a big fan of his. He manages each time, to visualize the emotional beauty. I find this a true gift and very unique. Thumbs up and hopefully we'll see more garden magic.

Caverna Obscura - Dryad Hair ~SUMMER OAK
*NAMINOKE* Oakleaf hydrangea Head Dress & Forearm White
Zibska ~ Aisling Deux Circlet (updated!)
GizzA - Papillon Set  [Olive] Eyes Accessories & No Chain
.Olive. the Powder Hair
Zibska ~ Shir (eye applier) & Sable (lip applier) @ T100B
Moon Elixir - Harvest Accessory Collection: Branch & Beaded Pinecone Necklace
.AiShA. Dryad Dress-IvyCollar-Bracelet @ FF'16: Luc
*NAMINOKE* (GIRL) - Sakura Petal Dress (parts of White) @ FF'16: Echtra
*MUKA* Claire

[[ loftbolur ]] bird's nest in a pot
-Garden- by anc "harugasumi" SAKURAtree {bloomset} withRoot 7Li @ FF'16: TGD
CJ Flowerfield Birdsfoot Trefoil Meadow - Peach
CJ Nice Field with Wildflowers Blue + White
*UI* Clover Grass

The 100 Block 2016/4/7 - 30st


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