How Does It Feel Now - Hunger

. How Does It Feel Now - Hunger .
- feat. Moon Elixir, Zibska & Special Feature -

April, 4th was a day for a couple of events to go into a new round and especially for the role-player there have been a few very nice releases. For the shots, I used again some of my most fave items and got some new, to which I'll get in just a moment ;o)
 flickr view
ROQUAI's emperor 3 (left) & skye 4 (right)

Moon Elixir goes Scandinavia and invites the role-player and GOR folks with 2 new outfits to WLRP & TTS. While the "Valkyrie" is a sexy multiple piece leather-fur rope with a cool bony body-chain, the "Ragnarök" is like the one-piece version of it. The Moonies were also so sweet to set up a GIFT for you, which will be available only at the event! Am not so much the RP person anymore, but these outfits called up some fun memories I totally enjoyed putting a scene together for.

To the warrior, of course the war paint has an important role. Honestly, I had some trouble finding the right dirt, so I went for a more clean luring amazon-look, showcasing Zibska's great color range appliers "Delice" & "Helewidis" for lips and eyes (see pic 2). Find the eyeshadow at TMR and the lips in her store (?)
    flickr view
ROQUAI dancer 8

To make the scene look right, I decided to try the approx. 1000's search for some wildcats and OMG, fiiiiiiinally my prayers were heard. Those that share the tick, to collect the jewels among the creations, listen up! In my opinion, wild animals and especially some in particular, have been always difficult. Mostly we see them motionless standing and even one has not to be animated, a frozen motion brings a picture alife. The panthers used are a set with about 5 statues by [MF], the Medieval Fantasy store and Pssst.... They come to a very decent price! Look around, find others and the greatest bears I've seen. You can tell, am totally in love and as the creator does accept custom orders, I could not resist to ask for my very own. Hold thumbs with me and hope a long wait will find it's end ^o^

pic#1(r), #2: [PUMEC] :. - .:Nikita:. -  / March \ -  Clear Skin RARE (skin applier)
pic#1(l): .:[PUMEC] :. - .:Nikita (A) :. -  /  June \ - Red Eyebrows (head applier)
Zibska ~ Delice Effect & Helewidis (make-up appliers) @ TMR, store
pic#1(r), #2*Soonsiki~ Ganj *Browns*
pic#1(l): .:EMO-tions.. *JADE* - brown
pic#1(l): *LODE* Head Accessory - Ann Single Lily [white]
Zaara - Sarika feather earrings *azure* & *earth* (rigged & unrigged)
pic#1(r), #2Moon Elixir - Valkyrie Outfit @ WLRP
pic#1(l): Moon Elixir - Ragnarok Outfit @ TTS
Moon Elixir - Valkyrie - Leg Warmers @ WLRP
pic#1(l): Moon Elixir - Rouguish Gacha - Bangles @ store
pic#1: [DDD] Speared Fish

[MF] panthers
[ keke ] flower twig - Spring Flowers 6 @ C4
CJ (various) flowerfields
[MF] cranepiles
[we're CLOSED] bare trees

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