River Of Dreams

. River Of Dreams .
- feat. DREAMS Gacha Fair, E.V.E & DRD -

On the river of dreams, we sail into the night to wake up then and fiiiiiinally find the portal open at DREAMS :o) The scenery decor is again mainly from the new gacha event, but as I've posted about the other items before, we stick to our bubbles, eeeerrrrr...... dream creations ^o^
ROQUAI tarot magician 5 m

By now I can say, there will be a bunch of different kinds of umbrellas available.
Then there is that really cute and fun unicorn gacha for the kids and some furniture items that may have you dream about sweet summer times.

Dreams April 1st Round OPEN

*NW* Unicorn Gacha Chair - White - RARE @ DGF
*NW* Unicorn Gacha Vomit Rug - Warm & Pastel, Rainbow Lamp - Pastel @ DGF
darkendStare. rainy day umbrellas [strawberry] @ DGF
Candy Crunchers - Panda Swimmer - Green & Pink @ DGF
-Strike It- Spring Dreams - Boat Shelf 2 @ DGF
Serenity Style- Dream Beach Hanger @ DGF
DRD- industrial lights - string bulbs @ C4
E.V.E Big Bubble & Dancing Bubbles {White} @ TSA
Tooth Brush w. Bubbles

DREAMS Gacha Fair 2016/4/6 - 28th
Chapter Four 2016/4/4 - 4/21st
The Secret Affair 2016/03/15 - 31st