#140 NYX The Night

. NYX The Night .

ROQUAI continues the series of elements and nature forces with 'NYX The Night' by following the Greek myths. The texts say, Nyx was a primeval goddess and the symbol of the night. Sent to earth by the gods, she was immortal and the one who could tame the gods and the humans. (Read On)

ROQUAI's NYX The Night (fatpack)

1 ground-arch

Hands & Wings

Designers Choice
TMP Male Body
Vista TMP Bento Hands
::: B@R ::: White B-Wings

ROQUAI's NYX The Night 1 (bento)

ROQUAI's NYX The Night 2 (bento)

Further Information
As bento poses can be delicate in displaying, you might need to alter your shape.
A numbers guide is provided within the included notecard.

DEMO & poses @ Store
+ sit on grass stand
+ buy of the vendor

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ViP Release-Sale 06th - 12th July 2017

The CREDITS of the images can be found pic 1 & pic 2.

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