Sneaky View: The 4 Elements

As am quiet overwhelmed by the great start and all the great feedback you guys gave me since then about my work, a new idea popped into my mind, which I hope you will certainly enjoy:

ROQUAI's 4 Elements

"The 4 Elements" will be a bigger pack of poses working with
fire, air, earth and water.
They will be released in four packs, each containing a couple of a few static poses.

[A visual teaser to get into the mood.]


Get prepared for the first one, that will be released!


Find your most beloved underwater spots and sink with me into the Deep Blue.

[Another visual teaser to get into the mood.]

NOTE: Sadly thou' I have to add, that my graphic broke the other day and I was not able to do the final finnishing on them as they are already set but not inworld yet, so you will have to stick with me for a bit longer till I'm able to get back IW and to release them for you. Thank you!