#13 The EBMod Pose Vendor v1.2.0

One smart little Pose Vendor by Elliena Bulmer!

EBMod Pose Vendor

Okay, usually or so far at least, I've blogged about ROQUAI stuff only, but this time it shall be about something else to support a product I already gave up it exists.

As a pose- and possible future animation-creator, you come to the point at a time, where you have to think about to offer your customers the IW possibility to try the stuff you are creating. So my journey started, looking for a decent and practical pose vendor that full fills my needs, which would be:

- no extra work with renaming
- works with: poses, animations and that can give more than one notecard, landmark, picture
- practical and clear delivery to my clients
- easy to use, set-up

I knew from the past about some great others, but their costs where just too much for me or and even they did not offer all what I wanted. Then I crossed the store EBMod on Marketplace and went IW to look for a Demo to try, but couldn't find one. Luckily the owner Elliena Bulmer was just around the corner and was very kind helping me out presenting a Demo and answering my questions.
As we figured that some of the vendor's features where misunderstood by me (english is not my native), but still would be quiet handy to have, she decided to go for an up-date. A few minutes later I was happy to receive my newest version of the vendor. Of course as it is with SL and our kind fellows of LL, some bugs occurred and Ellie put some great effort into the fixing.

Now let me go into the details, what that vendor can do:

The vendor is created for multiple poses/animations. It also bundles a bunch of features and the configuration allows it to be flexible in those. In these configurations, there is a way to setup a multiple prim vendor, or a single one; all using a script duo and simple configuration change. Also, the owner can tweak many visual settings from text color to position, supports multiple lines on the hover text and rotation offsets. It delivers the content by a folder or directly. It is available as well as a generous out-of-the-box timeout on idle to prevent people from blocking your vendor! Next to the general delivery, it as well works with "specific to item delivery".

All you need to do is fill out the provided Config. Notecard, that comes with the product and drop it into the contend of your vendor along with the poses, notecards, pictures, landmarks. Wait for it to load
and validate the configuration. Voila! Done!

Technical Information
With only 128kb, the EBMod Pose Vendor (1 prim in size only!) is very low in it's script count. Which I find quiet important as non likes laggy regions.

My RESUME: If I got a pose/animation that I'd like to pass with i.e. 3 pictures, 2 notecards and my landmark to my customer, it will do so in an very easy way to set up. Fantastic!

Thank you Ellie for this great vendor! It IS a MUST HAVE for all those, that like it practical, functional and easy to use!  

Product: EBMod - Pose Vendor v1.2.0 by Elliena Blumer
Pictures: ROQUAI, Elliena Blumer
Release: 2014/01/20