#22 ROQUAI Enfants des Etoiles

ROQUAI Enfants des Etoiles

The "ROQUAI enfants des etoiles" is the additional pose set for the 5 "ROQUAI la lune et les etoiles" poses. It contains as follows:

3 static single poses for your Toddledoo Baby + EXTRAS:

ROQUAI etoiles starlette 1
ROQUAI etoiles starlette 2
ROQUAI etoiles starlette 3

the EXTRAS are:
1 glitter star to wear with light*
ROQUAI "Twinkle Little Star" (Gesture-Song)

Please note, this set was made for:  The Toddleedoo Baby Avatar, for that there is no shape included.

Again all poses are copy only!

*The star comes in copy. It has an on/off script, that works on channel "/1 on/off".

As the poses are carefully crafted, different shapes than provided cannot give a guarantee for the perfect look and will change the appearance of the poses.

More about it:
#20 Pose Fair 2014: La lune et les étoiles & les enfants des etoiles

Here it is now the standalone set!

Sparkling cute shoots!


Pictures: ROQUAI
Models: Catchafire Shilova, DonAmbio, ROQUAI with many thanks!
Pose: ROQUAI Enfants des Etoiles
Released: 2014/05/27

(1st time release at Pose Fair in 2014/04/17. It was part of a bundle with the "ROQUAI la lune et les etoiles (Pose Fair 2014)" set.)