Coming NEW & WIN!

A little riddle for you with a big price to win!

I made a new set of 9 poses to be excited about and thought of a little game, where you can win the pose-pack representing one of the most famous paintings of the 14th century.

Catcha's picture shows a preview of 2 poses out of a group of 3, which are part of a complete scene containing all 9 poses.
Can you guess the name of the european artist, who painted the goddesses, presenting the virgin charm, the grace of the wife and the mistress beauty?

Make a guess, there are several hints within my lines and the first 3 right entries mailed to ROQUAI shall win the complete pack!

Lots of good luck!


P.S. There will be more previews coming up of the other poses. Each will give more new hints, BUT the closer we'll get to the complete set, the less will be to win ;o)