Coming NEW & to WIN 2

Hello fellaws! It's been a while, so I will get straight to the point.

It's time for round 2 of our little riddle! The 1st was to guess the artist, who painted the original picture and yes, we got a winner of the complete pose pack! You'll be announced as soon as we got all poses complete.

Take a close look at the picture:

NEW & to WIN - Round 2

While my pose and armour is the right, am the opposite insite. Can you guess who I am and why I have chosen the pure Three for my pray?

Hint: To find the answer faster, you should have read the 1st riddle and or know about the painting itself ;o)

You got the answer? Mail it via Flickr to me and be 1 out of 3 to win this pose +4 others (5 poses), that are part of this pack containing 9 poses in total.

Good luck shooting! ;O)


Picture: ROQUAI