#30 Dancing into the new year

The new year has begun and as the last is still in our thoughts, this might be a proper opening for a memorial statement and a glance into the future......

Two brand new couple poses have been designed and with no less care than the ones before.
The poses presented below are actually coming as a couple pose for normal (humanlike) medium shapes. For that you might want to check it out IW before buying.

"Dancer 4+5"

ROQUAI Dance 4+5 - a Bunnys Preview

For the originality of the shot with the bunnies (heads and bunny body by COCO), I split up the poses. You may take it as a surprise pose then, as it's original setup does indeed offer you a complete different scene.

"Dancer 6+7"

ROQUAI Dance 6+7 - a Bunnys Preview

Not so different from the original, while so the usage of these mash-up avatars, still does change the appearance of the pose in parts. I could imagine an acrobatic backpack ride or uhmmmm a twisted cuddle perhaps....

Exploring new fields: I created a little "machinima" of the "Dancer 4+5" poses. Sadly I recognised recognised too late, that the balls accidentally were moved a tit to the side. If you like the idea of having a video-preview, please let me know! ^_^

Nevertheless how you might choose to use these poses, am sure that you will come up with many great ideas using the included single "animations" or the poses as they come.

A great new creative year to you! 


Pictures: ROQUAI | Models: Joanna & Roquai | Poses on MP: "Dancer 4-7"; single couples available IW! | Release:  2015/01/09

Worn on Pictures: Bunny Body and heads by COCO, Lace Collar is a group gift by =Zenith= :o)