Toothless Dance

June (for me) the month of preparations. No events, but previewing what will come.
"Toothless Dance" is showing one out of 6 poses to come in July for CyoT (July 15th-31st). The round will be somewhat special, as I go for a mix match of two themes, The Empress (female) and The Emperor (male).
As it happened to be my luck, there have been some wonderful releases lately and the most recent I'd like to point out to you:

By AZOURY we got the great detailed headwear "Harmonie". As petals cover your head and cheeks like a majestic natural crown, it can be perfectly worn alone, though I went for a mix with the "Geisha Shimada Hair" by Anachron. Not seen on the pictures, but it comes with some pretty accessories. +Half-Deer+ has done a great job on the "Soltice Dragon". With flapping wings you can resize it with a decent Li (2nd pic 23Li). And what would be a picture without some items by Aki, right! Am also one of the {anc} lovers. His latest set about the peacocks "Hatsu Yume" also brings those wonderful flower branches to us.

Body: *COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Peach + Head_MIA_Peach | Anachron - Geisha Shimada Hair - Diversity + Tama Kanzashi - Coral/Jade (CyoT June 15th-31st)

Outfit: AZOURY - Harmonie Headwear (On9 June 9th-28th) | BLOKC Nose Chain (CyoT 15th-31st) | *COCO*_F.Doll_Bodysuit_Beige (CageDress) | !gO! Forest Elf Girl - Brown | Kibitz - Acantha claws (TFG 2015/05)

Props/Decor: +Half-Deer+ Solstice Dragon - Golditail (secret) (arcade 2015/06) | {anc} Hatsuyume / flower branch (arcade 2015/06)

Pose: ROQUAI poses. "The Empress 2" for CyoT "The Emperor" (July 15th-31st)

Pictures by ROQUAI