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. Get On The Moth .
. How to simply RAW pictures.
- feat. -DRD- & AZOURY -
Hellos there, dear reader. This post is gonna be a bit different from the others, as am also about to lift a bit the curtains (kalopsia - aero flying paper + curtains) of how I do my pictures in SL, while using most limited tools in PhotoShop (PS). I am a big fan of keeping things simple and like to challenge myself, rather than doing all kind of changes within PS. You need a bit of basic knowledge to follow my quick overview, but else is just practice. As a viewer am using FireStorm (FS), my machine (PC) could be considered in the upper class, though my card is the weakest of my OS and as we know SL takes lots of graphic sources, I've found it most suitable to work up in the sky (less lag) when doing a photoFor setting up the scene and a flawless workmode, I keep my viewer graphic settings decent, until all is ready to be shot, only then I push all to highest. - The screeny below gives an idea of how the General Rendering should then be...
The Photo- and the Camera Control Tool, are open pretty much all the time and with which all changes/settings are made. One might have noticed, windlights (WL) are not the same on ground and sky and verify within the chosen Draw Distance, so when working in the skies, you'll happen to build your own library of new WL. For my lightings and additional highlights, I very often mix the WL with locals (check: Light Feature), using additional soft textured objects, like the mist clouds by {anc}, alphas and else. All is allowed as long as you like what you see. If you are a little skilled in PS, you will like to save as PNG and not JPG. It surely has a loss of saturation, but that can be taken care of in PS ;o) As we speak of it... Within the editing, I only do small adjustments in common, like fixing the saturation and adding perhaps some lensflares, but most important is the noise or grain added to a picture. It'll give you a beautiful natural analog touch, depending on how you use it.

What we see and used for the scene are DRDs latest Lost&Found items. A fun decor set, mixed with animated furnitures for the adult and PGs in an antique look. As the wind can still blow strong, Jo put on the latest hat and boots by AZOURY. Both come in different colors, while footwear is available also for men and women. Oh and see those cute funny pillows on the floor? Also by AZOURY and also available at the Lost&Found this round ;o)

.Lelutka. Mesh Head-Simone
/Wasabi Pills/ Anais Mesh Hair 
AZOURY - Yuriy Bristles @ SS
AZOURY - Janus Boots @ G-N
ISON - lace trim shorts & lace bralette

-DRD- fleamarket set 2: antique sofa - light, pinball, cabinet, clock, lamp & wood signs @ L&F
AZOURY - Frimousse Deco (Blue & Black) @ L&F
Alchemy - Project Limited - The Sheep - Brown
Kalopsia - Aero Flying Curtain + Paper
{anc} mist cloud

. Pose & Picture by ROQUAI .
ROQUAI transition m

Lost&Found 2016/01/22 - 02/01
Gen-Neutral 2016/01/12 - 02/02
Shiny Shabby 2016/01/20 - 02/10


PS: As you can comment below, you can let me know, if there is any interest in quick or more detailed tips about how to do nice RAW pictures in SL or PS editing :o)