Starcadia's Black Fields

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- Zibska, NAMINOKE, E.V.E, Moon Elixir & friends -

Am delighted to let you know, that am one of the official new bloggers of NAMINOKE. Taiko is known for beautiful flower accessoires and some pretty cool (mostly) asian outfits so as (sometimes even) cute decor. Am looking forward to introduce (?) you, step by step, to her beautiful creations. First blog and most recent releases, you'll find within this post :o)
 flickr view!
ROQUAI Gecko explore (human) @ MP

Since my October is very busy and my/the creators are tinkering most wonderfully, I'll have to keep posts (sadly) a bit short to be able to not miss out on updating you guys.
I suggest to really take a closer look to the provided links below within the linked names and events to learn about the Gacha-Collections of NAMINOKE, E.V.E and Moon Elixir and to check out the complete color sets by ZIBSKA!
- The pictures presented are RAW (non edited) shots, aside the few added blending spots, to show how wonderful (detailed) the work of the creators is. -

Zibska ~ Avery* & Teivel* (brows) @ WLRP
Zibska ~ Tuvia (eyes) & Tulla (lips) @ ULTRA
.:Soul:. Blinde Eyes
RO - Azrael Bone Wings
*NAMINOKE* SweetAutumnClematis @ TFC
E.V.E Samsara Bolero Jacket (Black) @ SNR
Moon Elixir - Serpentis Masquerade: Lace RARE, Pasties RARE, Corset RARE, Gloves, Onyx Thong @ MMO
.::Cubic Cherry::. 01{Aarya} ribbons (neck+arms) -dark- RARE, 04{Aarya} ribbon feet black & 14{Aarya} wrist wrap red
[CX] Bone Tail Tintable (modded)
Kibitz - Acantha claws - mesquite COMMON

*NAMINOKE* Cosmos Rez A Purple1 & Blue1 @ SNR
E.V.E Flower of the Moon {B&W} & {Bronze/Red} @ MF
Hayabusa Design OPTSB Three Trunks M16-5 v1-2-1G (GG)
Hayabusa Design OPTSB geometric Garden M16-2 v1-1G (GG)
Jinx : Gweles Stones - Pale (modded)
E.V.E WHISPER Chained Tree (R) Ultra Rare @ C4
{anc} nebra beads [sungold] pole
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {green mix} / FIELD
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] flat

- Sep. & Oct. 2016 -
SaNaRae Sep