Hide & Seek, Season-Greetings - part 2

. Hide & Seek .
- feat. .AiShA., E.V.E & Zibska -
Inspired by the world.
ROQUAI integument 1 (couple pose)

With all the worlds happenings, it feels odd and yet so right to send out this years Holiday-Greetings.
I might have never felt so twisted, than this year.
In SL, I usually keep RL out, but sometimes thoughts need to be shared, if they get too heavy.
My work and pictures express sometimes more, sometimes less thoughts and the emotional state am in.

Above piece, deals with the changing world. Reviewing thoughts of 2016 and facing the duelling emotions, while thinking of the next year.

I think, non can avoid admitting now, the world is going through a major change. You don't have to be spiritual to notice and I would not say, I'm a spiritual person.
While the world, mankind, seems to go nuts, my thinking goes with the logic. Not meaning, that I like what happens.
But let me explain....

We know for a fact, that everything is based on molecules and atom particles, which basically is energy. Energy floats, could be taken as a living being. We know for a fact, that everything has to be in balance, because it is the nature of those particles. This said in a very simple way. E.g. think of the magnetic poles, north and south and how they work. They are in a constant exchange and at some point they will flip.
By looking at nature, you can put this characteristic to pretty much everything.
The longing for balance is the natural aim of nature, one may call the process evolution.
If it comes to the human race, and I have no clue how mankind could have come up extracting itself of nature as we are as much a very part of the universe than everything else that exists, how should it be any different?

What am about to say, is my very own thesis of how life works and some might disagree, but the human race is one of the science, never stopping to ask questions.
For that I (somehow) believe, all mankind doings are for the sake of keeping balance within itself and of being part in the universe, no matter how awful they are. Just look at other species. What happens, if one becomes too much?
So let me ask again, who are we to separate ourselves from them?
Fighting by any means, plays an important role. So the aim for power and profit, love and death, giving and taking, it is all part of the process, which again we can call evolution. As it means change and to preserve balance.

As much as many things scare me, this thesis has helped me in so many ways and I have come to peace with life, because for my understanding, this is the way of life and everything will be okay at the end, one or the other way.
Yes, it might sound like being apathetic, but no worries, nature has provided us with a little but very powerful feature, the urge for survival ;o)

My wishes for the New Year
- Strength & Courage -
May 2017 come.

Love, Roquai



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