#24 ROQUAI's Dancer 1-3

Finally dances have arrived to ROQUAI!

ROQUAI dancer 1-3

"Dancer 1-3" is a set of 3 dance poses, that turned out to be a bit of everything. While it was created on the base of the female medium standard shape (it's included in my pack), it as well works not only for the other standard sizes but for males, too. Of course as we live in times of customisations, you better make a quick stop at the IW store to be sure.

The picture shows the avatar in it's original form. The only mesh body-part were the feet. Keep in mind, that tip-toed feet can have a greater effect on their accuracy.

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Music that inspired me:

Fun dancing shots!


Picture: ROQUAI
Models: Joanna Corith
Pose: ROQUAI's Dancer 1-3
Released: 2014/10/21