#25 ROQUAI's Chinese Circus 1-2

Am recalling an old old post of mine and am happy to announce there finally is a release of two poses. The Chinese Circus is a project am working on once in a while due the fact that those poses really drive me nuts.

But here we go for the first two poses:

"ROQUAI Chinese Circus 1" comes as Octobers Gift in 2014. If you want them all at the end, better stop by at the IW shop to get it for free or receive it from the MP for 1L$.

ROQUAI Chinese Circus 1 *Okt. GIFT 2014*

The 2nd pose so far is "ROQUAI Chinese Circus 2". Props are not included. It was designed with a smaller female avi, but shall work with different sizes, too. You can check it out IW (green MIX pose-stand), if you want to try, before you buy ;o)

ROQUAI Chinese Circus 2

ROQUAI Chinese Circus ~ Preview (front)

Music that inspired me:

Thank goddy we don't need a med. insurance ^_^



Pictures: ROQUAI
Poses: ROQUAI's Chinese Circus 1 (Oct. Gift) & 2
Release:  2014/10/26