#26 ROQUAI's Botticelli Primavera

There are artsy times at ROQUAI!

Riddle time is over and am happy to release this big set of poses to you:
"Botticellis Primavera"


On the picture you'll see 9 poses, while the set comes with 10. The cupid brings 3 small props along: an arrow, a bow and it's quiver.

The picture shows the avatars in their original forms. Keep in mind, that mesh hands and feet can have a greater effect on the poses accuracy.

EDIT: These poses are available as sets. Try them IW!
There is a limited 50% off price offer available on the MP for the pack! Please, rate it, if you like what you got!

Musical atmosphere of course had to be by Vivaldi:

Artsy shots and good light!


Picture: ROQUAI
Models: Peter Jackson, Polly Elan, Cara Olivieri, Joanna Corith, Catchafire Shilova, Alisa Perne, Nebraska Oddfish
Pose: ROQUAI's Botticelli "La Primavera"
Released: 2014/11/02