#28 ROQUAI's Choir 1-5

"Be my nightingale tonight!"
Presented poses have been created as a set to support Miss Frog on one of her projects, which will be exhibit at the Nitroglobus Gallery (link will come). Hand positions fit for holding an open book. Depending on the angle, they can work as well without. For the pictures below, I worked without a book, so you get a clear impression of the poses.
The faces were animated by a HUD, which is not included. I had a real good laughter playing around with the different expressions.
The feet, which are not seen here, have a natural position to fit all possible outfits and shall provide you with the certain singers base ;o)

choir 1
ROQUAI choir 1

choir 2
ROQUAI choir 2

1-5 differ by their head and hands positions. Some got a slight twist in their upper half to get a more natural look, too.

choir 3
ROQUAI choir 3

choir 4
ROQUAI choir 4

Make sure you'll try the poses before you buy as the possibility is given here. Link is below ;o)

choir 5
ROQUAI choir 5

The 5 are available as singles IW (green pose-stand). The set can be purchased on MP. Don't miss the limited 50% price offer (on MP only). 


... and don't forget to share your pictures! ^_^

Happy Singing!
Picture: ROQUAI
Models: Joanna
Pose: "ROQUAI's Choir 1-5"
Released: 2014/11/04