#64 ROQUAI's Galleon 1-3

The galleon is commonly known as a large three masted battle or merchant ship between the 16th and 18th century. The poses of this release thou' refer to the rich and detailed figure the sailing-ships had at the front to keep watch and guide the way.
ROQUAI's Galleon (1-3)
"Galleon 1-3" is a set of 3 hanging poses. Still you can see, they can be used in many ways and am sure you'll come up with plenty more ideas.
Most might know already, but some might not.... ROQUAI poses mostly have the female medium standard shape (it's included in my pack) as a base. If you are not sure, if the pose will fit your shape, hop over to the IW store and try them out before you purchase them.
The pictures shows the avatar with a mesh body in flat feet and in it's original form.
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Music that inspired me:

May the spirits be with you!


Picture: ROQUAI
Models: Joanna Corith
Pose: ROQUAI's Galleon 1-3
Released: 2015/05/26

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